Things Roman Catholic’s need to know to be saved

Amazing article.


Besides Roman Catholics, Church of Christ, Mormons (LDS), Russian and Greek Orthodox, Churches of God, and United Pentecostalists often add Baptism as necessary to salvation.  Adding anything to the free gift of eternal life has made the gospel accursed and is not the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Friend, please be sure before you get defensive.  I pray some of my friends are reading this.  Maybe some of you have believed the gospel alone.  I sure pray so.  But please be willing to search the Scriptures prayerfully to be sure if what you’ve been taught, or are being taught is true. 

The Pope says people cannot be saved outside of the ‘church’.  The Pope is exalting himself against the knowledge of God and unless he repents (changes his mind) and believes upon the Lord Jesus Christ and Him crucified ALONE as the Only way to be saved, He…

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