Are You A Depressed Believer in Christ?

There will be varying views on depression when you become a believer in Jesus, but there is no point hiding away. I struggle. I’m depressed. What has truly been helping me, when I am in those depressed states is singing unto the lord. I like “He’s got the whole world in his hands” and I sing my own song “He’s Jesus“. This really uplifts me within minutes, so even though many people will say that depression is selfish because it focuses on self, I do pray for help in these states.

I remember once ringing this website I saw online, The Magdalene Project, when I was depressed, feeling hopeless, and in tears, thinking that they would give me some inspiring scripture, or pray for me over the phone, but instead they just shunned me off and told me to continue with the psychology I was receiving at the time. Great work from a ‘specialist counselling service’. I began to think that it is people like me whom Christians just wish would go away. We are a problem, because we just want some compassion in those dark moments. Depression comes and goes for many people daily, but clinical depression is horrible. When the dark cloud is on our shoulder, it can be difficult to know where to turn. Of course, we wish we could hear verbally from God, but we need to remind ourselves that He is our peace, He is our rock, He knows what it feels like to be so alone. I know He is there I just need to remind myself.

So if you are a depressed believer, like myself, please get in touch. Don’t suffer alone. I might not know exactly what to say, but we can certainly say a prayer together and seek strength through our Rock that is Jesus Christ.

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